In this guide, you’ll learn how to install and use presets in Lightroom Mobile.

Important: You must have a computer and a paid subscription to Lightroom to use native presets. If you do not, please follow our guide on how to install DNG presets.

Step 1

Open Lightroom on your desktop/laptop. Go to the Edit section then click “Presets”.

Step 2

Click on the ⋯ button and select “Import Presets”. Browse for the LR Desktop ZIP file then click import.

Step 3

The presets will sync to your phone/tablet automatically. You can check the status by clicking the ☁ button.

Step 4

Open Lightroom Mobile on your phone/tablet. Choose a photo to edit then tap the “Presets” button.

Step 5

Tap on the dropdown menu and select the preset pack. Pick a preset to apply to your phone.

When you are done, tap the ✓ button on the top-left.

Note: The presets labeled with “S” indicates skin tone protection. These presets give your photos more natural-looking skin tones.

Step 6

Native presets let you increase or decrease the filter strength. To do this, go to the Profiles tab and move the amount slider left to decrease the effect or right to increase.